Assistant Planner in Fargo, ND

Under general supervision by the Planning Administrator, the Assistant Planner assists in the planning and implementation of department projects and programs by collecting data, completing research, and reviewing plans. The Assistant Planner performs analytical work through the collection and interpretation of data used to prepare plans, reports, maps, tables and charts.

Scope of Responsibility:

The incumbent may be assigned to specific areas such as development review, land use planning, or redevelopment.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Responsible for collecting and interpreting data and information used to prepare plans and reports.
Creates and writes staff reports on planning projects, studies, and proposals;
Prepares maps, photos, tables, and charts reflecting conditions and trends for planning reports and presentations
Performs analysis of ideas, proposals and applications to identify compliance with current ordinances, policies, and practices;
Identifies likely positive or negative outcomes; based on analysis, identifies environmental, economic, or legal impact and ways that positive impact can be reinforced and negative impact mitigated;
Seeks to identify solutions that will produce positive outcomes for the City and its citizens;
Supports senior planning staff in negotiating positive outcomes.
Communicates effectively, professionally, and courteously and maintains working relationships with others in carrying out job functions.
Regularly interacts with the public to exchange basic fact information pertaining to department policies, procedures and protocols; refers to others as appropriate and follows up to ensure inquiries are resolved satisfactorily;
Communicates with others in the work unit to provide information relating to work assignments and progress of work or to convey information about conditions or work- related needs.
Performs all job duties in compliance with safety guidelines and with an ongoing awareness of safety practices.
Knows and follows department and City rules as well as sound work and safety practices in order to accomplish the job objectives and avoid injury or loss;
Wears proper protective equipment when policy requires or conditions indicate a need exists and utilizes proper body mechanics and ergonomics while performing work;
When potentially unsafe conditions are observed, makes efforts to avoid or correct them if they are controllable and draws them to the attention of the responsible supervisor or safety representative in a timely manner.
Reviews site plans for compliance with the Land Development Code.
Creates and writes staff reports on development proposals.
Responds to questions on land use regulations, redevelopment policies, and parking policies.
Researches project files, minutes, resolutions and ordinances to find information needed for site plan reviews and other projects.
Assists with maintaining and updating zoning records of the City.
Assists with special meetings for neighborhood plans and other planning activities.
Performs other duties and activities as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications:
The job requires graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor's degree in Urban Planning or Landscape Architecture; at least one (1) year of municipal planning experience or internship, or an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job such as those listed above. A valid driver's license or evidence of equivalent mobility is also required.

Knowledge, skills and ability include:

Knowledge of public administration; Knowledge of federal, state and local regulations pertinent to urban planning and development;
Skill in organization and statistics;
Skill in developing and interpreting data;
Skill in interpreting federal and state regulations;
Skill in performing mathematical computations such as algebraic functions;
Skill in communication and interpersonal skills as applies to interaction with coworkers, supervisors, the general public and others, sufficient to exchange or convey information, resolve disputes and receive work direction.
Knowledge of computer software used in planning, including ArcView and AutoCAD;
Knowledge of geographic information systems;
Skill in research methods and graphic representation of data;
Knowledge in principles and practices of urban planning and local and state land use regulations;
Knowledge of land development codes and the ability to understand the codes;
Ability to prepare PowerPoint presentations.

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