City of Fargo Planning RFP

Summary of Proposal: The City of Fargo, North Dakota is seeking proposals from multi-disciplinary firms to provide professional consulting services to 1) conduct an evaluation of the City’s municipal development codes and 2) provide guidance and recommendations on the most appropriate approach for making improvements and addressing identified deficiencies and issues.

The City intends to partner with a qualified consultant to conduct an evaluation of the City’s land development codes and related processes. The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the effectiveness of the development codes and the potential for future improvements. The consultant will also outline several alternative courses of action for undertaking improvements to the development codes and will provide a persuasive argument for the preferred alternative. To this end, the evaluation will need to assess:
• how well Fargo’s development codes align with the City’s development goals (such as those stated within the Go2030 Comprehensive Plan and related plans and policies), and the effectiveness of Fargo’s development codes in reaching those goals;
• how well Fargo’s development codes align with citizen expectations and national development trends;
• the simplicity, intelligibility, and overall user-friendliness of Fargo’s development codes;
• the appropriateness and legal compliance of Fargo’s development codes;
• stakeholder opinion and support of Fargo’s development codes; and
• the impacts and effects of Fargo’s development codes on City finances and the local economy.

Sealed proposals must be submitted to the City of Fargo Auditor’s office, 225 4th Street North, Fargo, ND 58102 at or before 11:00 A.M., June 3, 2019 (Central Daylight Time). Proposals received later than the time and date specified will not be considered. Detailed project information and submittal instructions can be found within the full Request for Proposals (RFP) document, which is available to download at the City’s website: Any addendum made to this Request for Proposals will be posted at the same website used for downloading the RFP.

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